Bianchi Origins is a sub-brand of the Bulgarian coffee products Bianchi Coffee. Our team was honored to be the first to create the brand line and the whole concept. And then to work on each marketing case that stands for Bianchi Origins products.

We created a design line with a rustic and handmade look and feel. We chose this particular approach because Bianchi Origins is a premium coffee brand that presents high-quality arabica and ground coffee. Its countries of origin are mainly in Latin America - Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, and Ethiopia (Bio).

Enjoy exploring Bianchi Origins visual identity, and if you have a chance to taste it, we can assure you - you won`t regret it :)

Bianchi origins Latino

The sublime aroma of pure Arabica can be recognized immediately but can only be attained with year-long experience, patience, and devotion. In Bianchi Origins Latino, carefully selected harvests of the finest Arabica varieties from Central and South America are expertly blended and roasted to absolute perfection. Why? Because quality coffee allows no compromise. The main idea behind this package design is to combine the stylized local elements used on the box packs of different origins, but only from the three countries which are involved in this supreme coffee blend - Guatemala, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

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