Eco Water Solutions is the first company in Bulgaria, whose business is entirely focused on solutions for providing unlimited, clean, drinking water for the workplace. Established in 2018, the company offers the latest generation of 5-stage filtration devices for hot and cold, drinking water, which are connected quickly and easily, directly to the water supply. The company has national coverage with headquarters in Sofia and regional offices throughout the country. The company operates mainly in the local market.


    In the beginning of 2020, Eco Water Solution reached out to us to help them with their brand development. Within 2 years, the company’s Sales team managed to reach a certain number of customers, however the potential of the business and the market was significantly bigger. This is why they were looking for a way to increase their brand’s recognition and develop their customers portfolio.


    The solution quickly became clear! Our team conducted research and analysis of the existing brand, its market place and development potential. We identified external and internal factors and pinpointed the problems and the opportunities. It became clear that the company needed an integrated communication strategy in order to develop a strong and recognizable brand. And so we created it.


    To create the communication strategy, we started with SWOT and PEST analysis as well as an analysis of the competitors’ communication activities. We identified the internal and external target groups and set communication goals to help achieve the client's business goals. We fragmented the company’s client types in 3 different groups and created appropriate messages for each one. We have developed a long-term strategy that included a mix of marketing, PR and advertising tools. We included online and offline communication channels in the various stages of the strategy’s implementation and planned the campaigns for the first year of its execution.


The next step was to develop a logo and visual identity for the brand. We created a clean and simple logo that focuses entirely on the new name and its publicity. We embedded a water drop in the center of the letter O to associate the brand’s logo with the core of the business.

We have developed a bright key visual that captivates with its geometry. At the same, it is clear and recognizable. We have adapted the key visual in all of the main marketing and advertising materials, including but not limited to brochures and flyers.




The next step was to create a new website - We developed a structure, content and copywriting based on the strategy and the UX/UI standards. We also integrated the new logo and visuals into the website.


The first campaign, part of the communication strategy, was an image campaign. Its purpose was to acquaint the target groups with the new brand and its main product. We created a headline for the campaign, which combines a popular bulgarian expression for a job well done and FIVO’s main product - “Clean water, clean work”.
We did a photo shoot and created visuals for the campaign.  

The campaign was executed mainly on social media - Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as with direct communication activities to the company’s customers.


We continue to work with FIVO for all of their marketing and communication needs. The company trusted us to be its external marketing team and we are fully responsible for the brand management and development. 

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