Brand Communication

In today's digital world, every company communicates with its customers simultaneously on many different levels. Every brand has the opportunity to spread its messages through various communication channels, both traditional (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertising, ad materials, and events) and digital, such as the company’s website, newsletters, social media, online media, etc. 

This set of options opens up a great field for creativity in the ways or tools of sending messages, tracking the reaction of users, and adapting activities according to them. However, all these possibilities also lead to many problems.

Here are just a few of the most common problems that brands face today.

Have you experienced any of them?

 People don't recognise you
 You have a great product or service, at a good price, but the customers do not buy it
 Your ads are great, but your customers still buy the products of your competitors
 You invest good money for image building or advertising but you do not see any results
 You experience attacks from your competitors or bad reviews on social media, but you don't know how to respond, or you do respond and they attack you twice as much
 You do the same ad campaigns as your competitors but they still have more sales than you 

All these are communication problems!
These kinds of problems indicate a lack of brand identity. This means that probably the company does not send the right messages for their target groups; possibly the communication channels are selected by default and not targeted specifically; lack of visual identity is also a possible issue, and last but not least, wrong communication style and tone are some of the most common mistakes.

How are those problems solved?

With an integrated brand communication strategy - the first step to successful brand communication!

Proper integrated communication strategy combines the tools of PR, Marketing, Advertising, and Digital Marketing to reach your business goals. Communication strategy defines all communication goals, messages, target groups, communication channels, and communication tools. It also sets the style and tone, which the brand is using with its audiences and creates the brand’s personality. Usually, as part of the strategy, there is also a communication plan. The communication strategy creates consistent, long-term, effective communication between the brand and its target audiences. It helps to sell the brand’s products or services. 

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