Employer Branding is the public face of every company in its role as an employer. Whether you will be able to be a recognizable and desired company for career development or not, depends entirely on your image as an employer. Nowadays, the desired employer is far from being determined mainly by the proposed salary.

When choosing a job, today’s professionals are excited about many other factors that have the same im-portance as the financial conditions. Some of them are the community and the atmosphere within the com-pany, the company’s culture, the additional social benefits, the opportunities for training and career devel-opment, the internal activities for the team, the flexibility of the working hours, the location of the office, the home office options, the social responsibility of the company and many others.

However, there is one key thing, whose value is decisive …  

Human to Human (H2H) Approach

The personal approach, also known as the Human 2 Human Approach - H2H, towards the people in the team is key to their desire to work for you, their dedication, and their strive for high results. People today have a strong need to feel important for the company's existence and to feel that it "cares" about their thoughts, ideas, and work spirit. They need their contribution to be recognized by their managers and the company. Most employees want the company to talk to them regularly, but also to have the opportunity to be heard by it. At the same time, it is important how the company communicates through external communication channels so that the employees are comfortable associating with it outside the office. When these conditions are met, people develop their engagement and loyalty to their employer.

If a company gives high salaries and bonuses to its employees but does not communicate with them in the right way, and does not make them feel engaged, then they will not feel satisfied and eventually, they will leave.

While in the opposite scenario, there are many examples of companies that cannot provide maxi-mum salaries and additional benefits, but provide a personal approach and active internal communication, and their teams stay with them. It was not so long ago when we considered loyalty to be part of the work ethic, but today it is already the most valuable and rare to find, and companies are doing everything they can to earn it.

That is why we must be able to show a personal attitude to our team to gain its dedication and loyalty.

How can we do this?  

With Internal Communications!

Internal communications are the system of actions and reactions that create your company’s image for your employees. Internal communications set the way people in the company communicate with each other on different situations and topics. They also set communication processes between the company’s manage-ment and the employees. They are included in every activity in the company, whether it is related to the dai-ly business activities, company news, new employees hiring and onboarding, current employees develop-ment, and many more.

The basic rule for well-functioning internal communications is consistency and coherency of actions and messages. If these two are present, building a lasting image of the desired employer is inevitable. That is why it is important for every company to have a strategy for internal communications, which to implement purposefully, and with that to ensure its leadership. 

How can we help you 

in terms of Internal Communications?

Create an Internal Communications strategy for your company
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Create and develop your Employer Branding
Provide Internal Communication consulting

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