Grand Attack is a Bulgarian sports brand, which offers a big portfolio of sports shoes and garments. They reached us for updating their brand outlook. At first, we redesigned the brand’s logo. Then we continued with creative and design for all of the company’s marketing channels. Redesigned their online store and transferred it to a new e-commerce platform, created collections’ catalogs, social media designs, and out-of-home presentations. Here is some of our work for the brand.


The online store was a bit of a challenge. Its old version was working on an e-commerce platform, which wasn’t the best choice for the client’s needs. We did a lot of research and finally found the best platform for the case. The next challenge was to find the most efficient way to transfer the data from the old platform to the new one. After a new amount of research, we decided to build the new website first, to design and manage all of the products’ details, and then to transfer the data manually on the new platform. It took us more than two months, but at the end of the day, it totally worth it.

OOH / Billboards

While we were working on the branding update, a new product line was coming. We did five photoshoots of the latest products and implemented the new branding in them. Below you may check some of the final results of our work and even some of the behind-the-scene photos. Enjoy!

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